SkinStudio 6.3

It is an application that allows users to create, customize the skins for use
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Skin Studio is an application that allows users to create, customize the skins for use. With appropriate data and images needed one can easily create the skins using this software. The tool has an excellent graphical user interface which makes the product attractive. The help document walks through the complete setup options that one can make use of. Unlike other softwares which provide the instructions only during initial setup, the users can always refer to the instructions provided in the document at any point of time. Features like full preview, edit controls, edit tile bars, edit animations, etc. provides exhaustive options with which the user can customize.

Customizations can be made from windows start button, task bar, program list, system tray and almost all the features of Windows settings, themes and appearances. This gives an extensive use of this tool for the user. One can also skip certain customizations by accepting the default settings. The images can be imported; font size and colors can be changed as per the users’ preference.

To conclude this tool has exhaustive features to customize and provides excellent user interface. The product is very attractive and also easy to work on.

Manoj Goel
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  • Excellent Graphical User Interface.
  • Easy to work on.
  • A tutorial to refer to at any point of time.
  • Exhaustive and extensive features to work with.


  • Minimum System requirements are high.
  • Works only on Windows XP & Vista.
  • Huge disk space required.
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